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I want to take a moment to send my accolades to a suggested shuttle service on the JMU website for student travel.
I am a proud parent of a sophomore at James Madison.  My daughter travels back and forth from Massachusetts and Washington D.C. airports for all of the breaks and holidays.
I must say, our comfort with Valley Connector has been surpassed--I now feel connected!  My daughter has had great luck each and every time she has used this particular shuttle over the past year and a half.  We have even used the service on "non-break" occasions, such as Easter, to get her safely back and forth.
Our last time of putting her on a plane after December break, Erica was to change planes in New York City, connect and be on the 7:30 Valley Connector Shuttle.  NYC closed their airport to incoming flights, leaving her somewhat stranded and at the mercy of the airline, due to weather.  In order to get her back to school safely, we opted to have her ask to be re-routed on a direct flight to Dulles at an extra cost.  We didn't want her spending the night alone in New York City.  In doing this, I knew she had no way of getting from Dulles to JMU at 8:30PM on a Sunday night because the last shuttle was to be at 7:30.  We have no relatives or friends near JMU or Dulles.  Most of her friends do not have cars (and even if they did, it is almost 4 hours in total to "give a friend a ride").  I called William Coffman at Valley Connector.  He picked up the call immediately no matter how busy he was and made sure there was going to be a shuttle for Erica even if she arrived at 10:30.  He continued to text me until I knew he had my daughter.  He did not make her wait another 2 1/2 hours until 10:30 for the last shuttle.  He arranged another vehicle to grab a few more students at 8:00.

I am sure Valley Connector lost money Sunday, with having to get extra busses and vans.  I just wanted JMU to know there is a service you have on your website that goes above and beyond to make sure the JMU students are delivered safely.

Thank you for your time,


Thanks you for you time and wonderful service!! Since this is my daughters first time traveling home as a freshman you have made it extremely easy and we will be making lots of travel plans with you in the next 4 years.

I wanted to take a moment to commend your drivers. What could have turned out to be disastrous situation coming home on Sunday, ended up being an adventure for the teens and adults alike. You are very fortunate to have such professional drivers who care about what they do. Thanks for taking the time to hire good people in today's society where quantity seems to matter more than quailty.

As a passenger Valley Connector is fortunate to have William as a driver. I was at ease with William as the driver. He is competent, dependable, safe and professional driver. His ability to maneuver around traffic is admirable.
In addition to his driving skills, his dependability was excellent. It was reassuring to know that he would be at the designated location, in spite of traffic, within a few minutes of the scheduled drop off time.How he did that, was amazing, but definitely reflected his level of skill.
William was always polite and cared about his passengers. In today's society, that level of professionalism is refreshing.

Last Wednesday Valley Connector gave me a ride to Harrisonburg. Upon arrival there were some issues that turned into problems, but in the end all turned out fine. I was amazed at your divers calmness, willingness and charitable manner. Thank You Valley Connector. I do believe that William is a rare breed and was very fortunate to have had him as my driver.
Blessings and Very Best Regards


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